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The Family Affair 60th Anniversary Female Production Sale

Saturday September 16 • 12 Noon

Trowbridge Farms, Ghent, NY

Reserve a place at our Friday Night 60th Anniversary Steak Dinner

RSVP to phil@trowbridgefarms.com by Sept. 8

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See Video Previews Below

Lot 1 Trowbridge Defiance 6131
Lot 1A Trowbridge Emulota 6133 
LOT 1B Trowbridge Emulota 6135
LOT 1C Trowbridge Emulota 6108
LOT 1D Trowbridge Emulota 6105
LOT 3A Trowbridge Elba 699
Lot 3B Trowbridge Elba 6132
LOT 4A Trowbridge Elba 708
LOT 5 Trowbridge Madame Pride 739
LOT 8 Trowbridge Pure Pride 767
Lot 11 Trowbridge Pure Pride 521
LOT 12 Trowbridge Forever Lady 5108
LOT 12B Trowbridge Forever Lady 6113
LOT 12C Trowbridge Dalbert 6106
LOT 14 Trowbridge Miss Burgess 105
LOT 16 Trowbridge Beauty 6119
LOT 14A Trowbridge Miss Burgess 756
LOT 19 Trowbridge Barbara 78
LOT 20 Heathcote Blacklass 3743
LOT 20A Trowbridge Blacklass 723
LOT 21 Kelleys Sara Bell 6A
LOT 21A Trowbridge Sara Bell 747
LOT 22 Trowbridge Erica 61
LOT 22A Trowbridge Erica 6144
LOT 30 Trowbridge Ebone 79
LOT 34 Heathcote Donna 133A
LOT 40 Garret’s Lass 32KA 
LOT 41 Punsit Valley Barbara PV49
LOT 42 Trowbridge Augusta 512
LOT 43 Trowbridge Barbara 101
LOT 57B Trowbridge Lady Jaye 693
LOT 60 Trowbridge Lady 90
LOT 69 Punsit Valley Lass PV14
LOT 76 Trowbridge Primrose 76

Customer Precondtioned Feeder Calf Sale First Saturday in December, Contact Us to Buy or Sell.

Trowbridge Bulls

The –Bulls Comfort Zone – One Letter Says It All

When you buy T–Bulls, not only do you get our standard 100% guarantee, but you get the comfort of knowing that your satisfaction comes from 60 YEARS of customer service from ONE FAMILY. Please contact us anytime, we’re always ready to help you.

Welcome to the –Bulls Comfort Zone!

***Same Great Bulls, Same Time, Same Place, Every Year***

Bull Sale First Saturday in May at the Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange, Canandaigua, NY

Download the Trowbridge Customer Feeder Calf Vaccination Form.



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